Towards the end of 2018 the Suzuki Vitara received a ‘facelift’. It has a new front end among other styling updates. It was my job to refresh the ‘Time to Play’ signature that it has carried. I created 2 new ‘Time to Play’ signatures, one for the urban collateral (with a female skew), and one for the off-road or rural collateral. These were then fleshed out into all print and web applications.

In 2007, I steered the rebrand of Suzuki visual elements to a fresh, youthful look and feel. We’re selling a lifestyle, not just a car. I worked with the square logo and font to built a vibrant colour palette and design rules around it. Colour guidelines applied to brand documents as well as individual models. Likewise, imagery was chosen to embellish the overall brand and models. The new brand positioned Suzuki as a contemporary, economical car maker for younger, more active, budget conscious people. Brand cursors I developed were recognised by Suzuki HQ in Japan and implemented internationally.